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    您当前的位置 售后服务--Return and exchange policy


    Product return and exchange policy

        YK8 will provide you with return and exchange services within 7 days from the date you sign for the goods.

    Detailed description:

    1. Please ensure that the product tags and various packaging are complete when returning or exchanging goods.

    2. Products damaged due to your personal reasons (such as modifying the size by yourself, washing, leather oiling, embroidery, long-term wear, etc.) will not be returned or exchanged.

    3. When a return or exchange occurs, please choose ordinary express to send the goods back to us (return and exchange freight for non-quality problems is at your own expense). YK8 will reimburse the shipping fee paid in advance when returning or exchanging goods due to quality issues based on the actual amount of the waybill, with the maximum reimbursement amount being $15.

    4. The items in the gift pack or set cannot be partially returned, because after the return, the items in the original gift pack or set will not be able to enjoy the discounts at the time of purchase.

    5. Special products (special products designated by YK8, such as razors, cosmetics, makeup tools, etc.) currently do not provide try-on services, and non-quality problems will not be returned or exchanged.

    6. If you ask for an invoice when purchasing, please send the invoice back with the product once the product is returned. If the invoice is lost, the return cannot be processed.

    7. The pictures and information are for reference only. Due to problems such as shooting lighting and color differences on different monitors, there may be a certain color difference between the product pictures and the actual product. All products shall prevail.


    Thank you for your support of YK8!


    1. 请您确保退换货时,商品吊牌及各种包装完整。
    2. 因您个人原因造成的商品损坏(如自行修改尺寸、洗涤、皮具打油、刺绣、长时间穿着等),不予退换。
    3. 退换货发生时,请您选择普通快递将商品寄回给我们(非质量问题的退换货运费自理)。质量问题退换货时寄回商品垫付的运费YK8将根据运单实际金额报销,最高报销金额为$ 15。

    4. 礼包或套装中的商品不可以部分退货,因退货后,原礼包或套装中商品将无法享受购买时优惠。
    5. 特殊商品(YK8指定的特殊商品,如祙子、化妆品、化妆工具等)目前不提供试穿服务,非质量问题不予退换。
    6. 如您购买时索要发票,一经退货请将发票随商品一同寄回,如发票丢失将无法办理退货。
    7. 图片及信息仅供参照,因拍摄灯光及不同显示器色差等问题可能造成商品图片与实物有一定色差,一切以实物为准。





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